Full Name
Chip Chip Bowling
Job Title
Bowling Agri Service Inc
Speaker Bio
Chip Bowling is a 7th generation farmer from Newberg in Southern Maryland just 50 miles south of our nation’s capital. Chip is the third generation on the 580-acre home farm that was purchased by his grandfather. His family grew tobacco in 1999, took the tobacco buyout program and today, Chip farms 1,600 acres on 27 farms in Charles County.

Chip became a regional member of the Maryland Grain Producers Association and Utilization Boards in 2006. He attended the 2008 NCGA Leadership Program and later went on to join the 1st Class of the Advanced Leadership Program. He served as president of MGPA from 2009-2011. Chip was appointed to the National Corn Growers Public Policy Action team, where he served for three years and later joined the Ethanol Action Team. Bowling went on to serve as the first president of National Corn Growers Association from Maryland and the only farmer to serve two consecutive terms in the position. His love of public policy and influencing balanced policy decisions for grain producers across the country has earned him the respect of farmers from Nebraska to Virginia and all fields in between.

Chip has spent many an hour on the Hill speaking for farmers. He is as comfortable discussing a Mississippi locks and dams issue as he is about an environmental issue in the Chesapeake Bay watershed or a crop insurance amendment for Texas. Chip has spoken on many national issues including crop insurance, Farm Bill programs, estate tax, and Columbian Free Trade. Chip has been especially influential in the Renewable Fuels Standard as a win-win solution for clean, renewable energy and a market for corn farmers. Chip has used his communications skills to work with Congressional members from across the country as well as his own representative, Congressman Steny Hoyer, whom he has hosted at his farm many times.

What is important about Chip’s visits to D.C. is that he loves it – he is passionate about explaining the value of agriculture and our issues in a way that is effective and credible.

Chip is a leader who never says no, always gets the job done, seeks ways to find a solution, is always looking to make a friend (not an enemy), and promoting agriculture in a positive way. He is passionate and enjoys being part of Maryland grain producers and NCGA.
Chip Bowling